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Cooperation and Division of Labour in a Social Wasp  –12/01/2018


M. J. Thirumalachar & M. J. Narasimhan Memorial Lecture –29/12/2017

Small Brains, Smart Solutions: Tree Crickets make Optimal Acoustic Aids –27/12/2017

Chetana – IISc’s outreach programme

Exhibitions on the Aerospace Engineering Department to mark its 75th Anniversary, and on the life and work of Satish Dhawan

Etched aluminum surface kills drug-resistant bacteria

Platinum Jubilee of Aerospace Engineering

Panel Discussion

Centenary Lecture

C. N. R. Rao Endowment Lecture

IISc team wins gold at iGEM in Boston

Winter arrives in IISc’s serene campus

Information flow in brain networks

Chemically imaging the cell with devices made from DNA : IISc alumna Prof. Yamuna Krishnan awarded Infosys Prize 2017 in Physical Sciences

Institute Colloquium by Prof. V. Venkataraman

Selfie time at the IISc alumni Reunion 2016; Register for reunion on Dec. 16-17, 2017

Dining in the mess, once again during alumni reunion 2016; Register for reunion on Dec. 16-17, 2017

Alumni strolling in the campus during alumni reunion 2016; Register for reunion on Dec. 16-17, 2017

Interacting with professors during alumni reunion 2016; Register for reunion on Dec. 16-17, 2017

Integrity Pledge on Vigilance Awareness Week – 2017 –30/10/2017

Panel Discussion on ‘Institutional Open Access Policy — 21/10/2017

Diffusion Controlled growth of A15 Intermetallic Superconductor –25/10/2017

Institute Colloquium by Prof. G. K. Ananthasuresh –25/10/2017

Increasing Airplane emissions threatening the climate? –25/10/2017

Influence of the Earth’s mantle on convection in the core –24/10/2017

Visit of Honorable President of India to IISc –20/10/2017

Probing the origin of the Indian Ocean Geoid low  –19/10/2017

Exploring the Interior of Matter   –13/10/2017

Institute Colloquium by Prof.Tushar Kanti Chakraborty –07/10/2017

Visit of Honorable vice President of India –22/09/2017

Counting drops in the sea of humanity — 21/09/2017

Fresh elephants’ dung reveals stress levels in wild Asian elephants   –11/09/2017

IIScPress Book Release  –02/09/2017

Making common antibiotics powerful against tuberculosis   –15/08/2017

Termite on bed of glass beads, Photo Credit- Nikhil More  –31/07/2017

BEST+: where engineering and MBBS students mingle as summer interns –21/07/2017

Glasses can be topological insulators   –02/08/2017

Texture: the way forward in light metals  –11/07/2017

Convocation 2017 –01/07/2017

The print edition of the latest issue of Connect, the magazine of IISc  –29/06/2017

A Novel BCL2 inhibitor as Chemotherapeutic Tool   –27/06/2017

May 27th: IISc’s Founding Day; IISc is 108 years old –20/06/2017

Drug combinations for hepatitis C   –06/06/2017

Learning from insects: Engineering antibacterial nanostructures   –29/05/2017

Current on the edge: IISc discovers a new electrical conductor  –09/05/2017

IISc is  ranked eighth among world’s small universities –07/05/2017

Journal of Indian Institute of Science co-published by Springer  –04/05/2017

Book Release and Talk  –01/05/2017

Secrets of Polymeric Materials Buried in Sand   –04/04/2017




IFFF (IISc Families and Friends Forum) “Spring Mela”

Centre for Contemporary Studies

IISc tops the NIRF ranking list 2017

The Curious Case of Dynein: Regulation by Myosin I   –04/03/2017


PolyMage   –14/03/2017

J. N. Tata Exhibition in the Faculty Hall (photo credit: Dr. Sharath Ahuja)


IISc Founder’s Day March 3rd

CCE Creates an App for Working Professionals  –27/02/2017

Saturday 4th March Open Day – 2017
open day-web banner-24-2-17

Saturday 4th March Open Day – 2017
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IISc’s first director’s autobiography from IIScPress

Applications for Admissions 2017 are open

Fate of an Intruder in Colloidal Nanocrystals is Governed by Entropy  –30/01/2017

Verdant Campus – Arial Picture from Drone Credit : S. N. Omkar

Sickle Innovations’ apple picker harvests the fruit with minimal damage  — 15/01/ 2017

Sharing science and Engineering through story-boarding

Kernel 2015-2016

Novel route to achieve hierarchical ordering of colloidal crystals  –29/12/2016

The role of variability in Motor Learning   –28/12/2016

First National Tuberculosis Conference hosted by the Centre for Infectious Disease Research
TB Conference Delegates

Landscaping IISc Logo   –03/11/2016

IISc Alumni Day 2016
Alumni Day 2016

Notebook Drive: An Education initiative of IISc Students

Individuals and institutions contribute to IISc

Climate Science Quiz at IISc
Climate Science Quiz Collage

IISc ranked India’s top university

Infosys Foundation Funding for Infectious Disease Research at IISc



September 2016 issue of CONNECT, IISc’s Quarterly magazine

October 1st 2016 Birds day @IISc

Arting Science

The recently constructed Main Gate of IISc’s new campus at Challakere in Chitradurga district, Karnataka

The vibrant and verdant campus of IISc