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Campus communication Issue 2, 2017

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Sporting and Cultural Activities

Many sporting and cultural activities that students, faculty members and staff participate in come under the auspices of the IISc Gymkhana.

Besides this, IISc has many other clubs and associations, as well as organizations to promote our cultural heritage.

Flora Fauna at IISc

A stroll in the IISc campus reveals exquisite fauna and flora. Here are some pictures taken by Arvind Ravi, a young visitor to the campus in June 2016.

Birds of IISc

The IISc campus is home to a large number of resident and migratory birds. There has been marked increase in the bird population. In the last 5 years, after the Jubilee garden water body was enriched with recycled water. More than 100 species of birds have been documented in the campus. The list includes some  rare visitors such as the Kashmir Flycatcher, Orange-breasted Green Pigeon, Eyebrowed Thrush, Tickell’s Thrush, Bright Green Warbler and Ultramarine Flycatcher. The Jubilee garden area is one of the hot spots for bird watching on campus.

Birds photos credits: Ms. Shubha Bhat



Dr. Sharath Ahuja’s album of IISc campus