Guidelines for allotment of quarters to Faculty members according to seniority & eligibility

  1. Applications for the allotment of staff quarters in the prescribed form and routed through the Chairman, Department/Section/Unit/Center/Laboratory etc. should be submitted by staff  members so as to reach Unit III .
  2. The eligibility for allotment of different types are as follows:
    C-type: (Faculty) Sci Assistants, Computer Programmers, etc.
    D-type: (Faculty) Lecturers/Asst. Professors/Technical Officers/SSOs, etc.
    E-type: (Faculty) Associate Professors/Professors/Principal Scientific Officers/TO-III
  3. The priority list for the faculty cadre – wise will be drawn on the basis of seniority on the basis of the applications received. One type below eligibility will also be considered for allotment, in case the staff member has served in that particular cadre.
  4. The seniority list for the faculty allotment of quarters among the applications received will be drawn and notified at the beginning of the academic year (August) and will be held valid for one year. As and when vacancies arise, allotment would be made as per such seniority list.
  5. Staff members who are staying in quarters under the Director’s discretionary quota/Essential category/General seniority shall have to move to the quarters, as and when allotted according to seniority, failing which such administrative action as may be considered necessary, will be taken. It is therefore imperative for the staff staying in the quarters to apply according to their eligibility.
  6. The staff members who have drawn House Building Advance/Interest Subsidy after 23.6.1983 are not eligible for allotment of quarters at the Institute as per Council Resolution No. XLVIII dated 24 June 1983.
  7. Staff members staying outside, who decline the allotment of quarters, will not be considered for one year. Such staff members will  have to apply again for quarters at the appropriate time in the next academic year.
  8. The staff members to whom allotment is made shall have to occupy the quarters within 30 days from the date of issue of the allotment order.
  9. The occupant of the quarters shall vacate the quarters under occupation on the determination of licence for any reason whatsoever, failing which he/she shall be liable to pay a penal licence fee and render himself/herself to any other punitive measure that may be considered appropriate.
  10. These rules are in addition to the occupation rules contained in the allotment order.
  11. Not withstanding anything stated in the rules, all disputes arising from or related to the matter of allotment of staff quarters shall be decided by the Director on the merits of each case, and the decision of the Director shall be final and binding.