Division of Chemical Sciences

55 Faculty and Scientific Staff
79 Fellowships of Science Academies in India
388 PhD students / Integrated PhD students
4 Master’s Students
53 PhD students graduated in 2018

Core Research Areas

The faculty members of the Division work on all contemporary topics in chemistry, ranging from Chemical Synthesis, Drug Design, Chemical Biology, Materials Chemistry, Surface and interface Science, Nanochemistry, Molecular Spectroscopy, Ultrafast Chemical Dynamics, Computational and Theoretical Chemistry, Solid State Chemistry and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy.


The Division of Chemical Sciences has consistently maintained its position among the top 50 chemistry departments in world rankings over the past decade. It is a globally competitive Division with clear focus on top quality research in specific current areas such as bio-inorganic chemistry and chemical biology of drugs with a particular aim on disease control and cure, ultrafast spectroscopy and dynamics of molecules towards understanding of structure and reactivity in physical processes related to materials and interfaces, bio-materials for devices to industrial applications, computational materials science, and NMR methods for decoding complex protein structures in solution.

Research Snapshots

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Departments under this division