Division of Electrical, Electronics, and Computer Sciences (EECS)

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Faculty Members – 101
PhD Students – 300
Master’s Students – 369
PhD Conferments–  44
MS EnggConferments – 9
Mtech (Res)  Conferments- 32

Core Research Areas

Even while working on high impact artefacts, the Division is assiduously seeking fundamental advances in the following core areas: Signal Processing, Communications, Networks, Microelectronics and Devices, Theoretical Computer Science, Computer Systems and Software, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Control and Optimization, Power Systems, Power Electronics, High Voltage Engineering, Image Processing, and Computer Vision.


A feature of the Division’s R&D activities is its focus on rigorous innovation in contemporary, interdisciplinary themes: Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things, 5G Technologies, Devices for Healthcare, Electronics for Strategic Sector, Network Science, Cybersecurity, Multicore Computing, Smart Grids, and Renewable Energy.

Research Snapshots

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Departments under this division