From the Director

Established in 1909, IISc is India’s leading institution of advanced education and research in the sciences and in engineering. From its beginnings, IISc has laid equal emphasis on fundamental investigations and the solution of practical problems in such a setting.

 IISc’s reputation and preeminence ensures that it attracts the best of young faculty members trained in the best laboratories around the world. Our faculty, numbering around 500, carries out research across 42 departments in most areas of the basic and applied sciences, publishing vigorously in premier journals.

 The Institute’s commitment to excellence is not restricted to the high calibre of its faculty. With some of the best students in the country seeking entry into IISc, the Institute ensures that the students who are admitted are exposed to a strong research training programme and pursue cutting edge research. The Institute has a student population of around 4,200, of which there are about 2,750 doctoral students, roughly 950 master’s students, and about 500 students in a four-year, research oriented undergraduate programme in the sciences. The doctoral students are carefully selected based on their performance in national examinations, in addition to personal interviews. All the degree programmes emphasise the Institute’s stated objective of conducting original investigations. The Institute also has a Centre for Continuing Education which offers several courses to those from outside IISc. These courses are designed keeping in mind the requirements of non-traditional students like high school teachers, researchers and engineers.

 IISc has a vibrant and diverse campus spread over 440 acres of greenery in the city of Bengaluru, formerly Bangalore, India’s hub of high-technology companies (in aerospace, electronics, and information technology), educational and research institutions, and numerous start-ups. With the help of a recently-established office called DIGITS, we are now in the process of creating a best-in-class IT and networking system.

 The Institute also has a new campus at Challakere in the Chitradurga district of Karnataka. The flagship project of this 1,500 acre campus has been a training programme for science teachers. This programme has now been recognized as a Centre for Excellence in Science and Mathematics Education by the Government of India.

 In recent times we have entered into collaborations with several technology giants to find solutions to problems in strategic areas like healthcare and energy. And many of our faculty members have established their own start-ups to take their research directly to society.

 In the coming years IISc aims to be counted among the best institutions of higher education and research in the world. We will continue to build on our strengths in research in all cutting-edge frontiers of modern science and engineering, persevere in developing world-class teaching programmes at postgraduate and undergraduate levels, nurture translational research, protect our intellectual property, and encourage the incubation of successful startups. Further, we are conscious of our social responsibility and will continue to carry out activities with direct social impact, such as school and undergraduate teachers training, development and dissemination of sustainable technologies, and research with direct relevance to society such as climate change, healthcare, water resources management, and renewable energy.

 As we move forward to transform this vision into reality, we will create endless opportunities for students, innovators, teachers, researchers and more in the coming years. I welcome you to join us in this exciting journey.

Anurag Kumar