Division of Biological Sciences

Faculty Members – 75
PhD Students 337
Integrated PhD Students – 59
PhD Conferments – 52
IntPhD Conferments – 6

Core Research Areas

The Division of Biological Sciences forges important links between basic science and innovative research. It is committed to enhancing frontline studies in almost all aspects of modern biology: Neuroscience in health and disease, Infectious Disease, Structural Biology, Oncology, DNA Repair and Genomic Stability, Systems Biology and Bioinformatics, Immunology, Enzymology, Reproductive and Developmental Biology, Diverse Ecological Studies and so on.


Investigators in the Division focus on numerous processes central to the understanding of life, emphasizing on areas with considerable translational potential, namely, Cognition and Neuronal Reprogramming, Infectious Diseases, Drug and Molecular Design, Diagnostics and Therapeutics in Cancer, Gene Targeting, Genetic Disorders and Genetic Diversity.

Research Snapshots

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Departments under this division