The Story of NumbersThe Story of Numbers by Asok Kumar Mallik
About the book: The Story of Numbers discusses various kinds of numbers and their curious interconnections without getting into hardcore mathematics. Starting from natural numbers, integers, real numbers, complex numbers and some special numbers like dual numbers, p-adic numbers etc. are introduced at an elementary level. Interesting anecdotes involving great mathematicians and their marvellous creations are included.

A Botanist’s DelightIndian Institute of Science Campus: A Botanist’s Delight
– K. SANKARA RAO, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru
Price: INR 1500
First published in 2008 | Hardcover | 224 pages
Indian Institute of Science Campus: A Botanist’s Delight is a modest attempt to portray the rich, colourful and fascinating plant life on IISc campus, which is both native and exotic. The book is meant to carry the message that by increasing awareness, it will help in the protection of plants –for the plants needs protection.
The species described in this book have been mostly represented by their flowers, but leaves and other identifying features are also shown in many instances. The text that accompanies each photograph gives the common name, Latin (botanical/technical) name and the natural group (family) to which the plants belong. The book, in all, reflects the enchanting beauty of plants for the pleasure of all plant lovers “Sankara Rao’s book describes the 200-odd plants and trees on the 320-acre campus”
– Divya Gandhi, The Hindu
“An admirable effort has been made by the author in producing an aesthetically appealing and scientifically accurate work; an elegant book”.
– HY Mohan Ram, Current Science, Vol. 97, No. 2, 25 July 2009

Secret LivesSecret Lives
– NATASHA MHATRE, University of Toronto, Canada
Price: INR 1500
First published in 2009 | Hardcover | 223 pages
Around the corner, underneath the tarred roads and between the steel and glass buildings, is a hidden world. A world of curious mongooses and parasitic wasps, a world of sluggish lorises, seductive plants and territorial snakes, a world teeming with life, which we pass by without noticing. In the heart of Bangalore, the oasis of greenery that is the Indian Institute of Science campus keeps this world alive and thriving. Armed with a camera, this book dives into the undergrowth to tell you, through a series of extraordinary photographs, the stories of the inhabitants of this world, the stories of their secret lives.

Flowering PlantsFlowering Plants of Indian Institute of Science:A Field Guide (Vol. I & II)– K. SANKARA RAO, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru
Price: INR 2100 (for a set of two)
First published in 2009 | Paperback | 950 pages
This field guide contains 700 and odd taxa in two volumes with images. The author has organized plants found on IISc campus by their habit and structure. Trees, shrubs and herbs, which make up the bulk of the entries in the book, are divided in two volumes.

A Precious HeritageA Precious HeritageRapid Biodiversity Survey of the Kudapura Campus, Challakere
– ROHINI BALAKRISHNAN, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru
Price: INR 65
First published in 2012 | Paperback | 33 pages
This booklet is an outcome of a survey taken by a team of volunteers from IISc’s Centre for Ecological Sciences (CES). It documents the flora and fauna found on the new campus of the Indian Institute of Science in Challakere located in district Chitradurga, some 225 kilometers away from its Bangalore campus.